Philosophy, part 2

Ah, the end of another day…

even though this day has been pretty fun, it has also brought me to think about many other things. I swear, this blog is turning into a sound-wall for all of my psychological thoughts! anyways…

First of all, what do babies think about? We are currently staying at the house of a close friend of my mom, and they have a small three year old daughter.As we drove around Vancouver today, she would not cease to amaze me and my mom with her knowledge and stamina. What is she thinking about? I clearly remember that when I was small, I would get very infuriated when grown-ups instinctively thought that I would not be able to understand a topic. Now, I am standing on the other side of that dilemma. I can now see both sides of the sorry: for the kid, more often than not he/she would actually be able to understand what is going on and be able to do the small tasks that we request from our parents,but on the other side, there are also many things that the kids DON’T understand. Who is to judge who gets to do what? Does having more experience really give us the power to judge what happens in their lives? Also, another thing. What effect can you really have on a baby? I have heard that most people will not remember anything before the age of 3. Therefore, if you just kept a baby generally happy and on the right track for the first three years of their life, would it be the same as giving them the same treatment, only with more expensive and better things?

Now for….. the language barrier! I have a test for you. Get a carrot, and put it somewhere that you will know you will look at sometime soon. When you look at it at a later time, do you think, “Oh, there is a orange vegetable that i rather nutritious and is often eaten by rabbits”, or do you just think, “Oh, that is a carrot!” Almost all of us would probably do the second, and only later associate the word “carrot” with the definition, instead of the other way around. In that case, what if you didn’t know the word for carrot? What would you think of this orange vegetable? Therefore, how do our brains differ from baby brains in the world of language? Are adults merely giving names to other things while babies are actually knowing what they are? This can be compared to an adult holding a large dictionary as he walks around, first knowing the word and then searching up the definition, and babies are just grasping the definition. I would love to conduct a test with both babies and adults seeing a picture of an item and seeing which part f their brain flares up. What if the baby’s brain are actually faster and smarter than ours?

BTW, here is another test for you. Envision anything in your mind. Do you see it in your mind’s eye, hear it spoken aloud, know the word for it, or does anything else happen? Let me know!


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