The start of my venture into philosophy

Well, I’m on the car driving to Vancouver. Woohoo! It’s been a great two hours so far, and I can’t wait to pass the border! Anyways, I was getting a bit bored on the car and decided to blog about some stuff. I’m not going to be able to upload it onto my actual blog until I get internet access, so, …..meh

SO, where should I begin? I’ve been thinking about stuff as I’ve been falling asleep. Oddly enough, I was actually thinking about falling asleep! More specifically, it was about our concionsness and memory. Our memories are a very important thing. I mean, they are what makes a person him or herself! But how concrete are they? Recently, I was in a minor car accident over at bel-red rode. THe second it happened, I tried to capture as much of the moment as possible, but no fewer than 3 weeks have gone by and I am already struggling for details on that day! If we forget something and nobody else remembers it, is it just lost forever at is why I have decided to try to blog as much as I can. Otherwise, who knows how much I’ll miss out on!

Secondly, our consciousness is a very powerful thing, but is it real? If you are experiencing something, are you actually experiencing that thing or are you just remembering you doing that thing? And if you were remembering that thing, then are you actually remembering what has happened, or are you remembering that you remembered that it happened? This brings out two things. One, I am (slightly) crazy, and secondly, does it mean that the more that we remember, the better we will remember that event because of the fact that it has rebounded itself many many times through our brain? Of course, I may be completely wrong, and the above may be completely moot, but some food for thought, if you will.

Thirdly, does anyone else have a conscience, or are you just imagining them? I know that I have already bothered many of my close friends with this theory, but I find it fascinating. The “brain in the vat” theory says that we are just a, well, brain in a vat with everyone else being “virtual” people! This is actually possible as there are already more virtual “people” in the world than real people! The second theory is the “zombie” theory, stating that I am the only real person. Everybody else is a person, but they can’t actually feel anything even if they show it on their faces. I find these theories remarkably fascinating! Anyways, we are approaching a rest station, so I’ll stop for now!


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