What makes a blog great?

Why do people enjoy following blogs? Or, more specifically, how does the blog writer create a larger audience? Here, I believe that the old saying of “be yourself” doesn’t exactly apply.

If one just ends up blogging about his/her daily life, nobody would be interested enough to actually follow said blog. However, this has led to a large amount of “livejournal” type blogs appearing. As this very blog was started (and still is) with that mindset, I don’t mean to say anything bad about these blogs. Instead, I believe that these blogs should at least be semi private for two reasons: nobody else is actually fascinated by a typical person’s life and it isn’t really wise to share details about your life to the whole world.

The second type of blog that I have seen are the kinds that specialize in a specific job. Those blogs have found their niche; they have a set audience with a definite purpose in mind. Be it to share poetry or to share cool science facts with the world, specific people will follow these blogs, given that the content is fresh and there are decent update times.

While these blogs are good, they still aren’t great. After all, the readership level of these blogs are bound to be extremely low, unless if the blogger is either rather famous or is an expert in a certain topic. What would make up a truly great blog then?

Humor is usually key to some of the more popular blogs. After all, people always wants to have some entertainment in front of them, something that they can click through and smile at. However, humor is still artificial. There isn’t a single person in the world who would be on their deathbed wishing that they read more comedy online!

I come to the conclusion that it isn’t the blog that is great itself, it is the person writing the blog. While the writer has to have some knowledge of what he/she is writing about, if they are famous enough, it wouldn’t matter. People flick to their posts like beats to honey. However, that itself poses the question: how do you define greatness of a blog?

Does mere viewers directly link a blog to its greatness, or does the blogs impact have a greater effect? I am more in favor of the second line I reasoning, although I am quite resigned that society as a whole will more generally accept the first. Alas, I hope that whatever reader stumbled here will reflect on these musings!

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