My grandparents are in town and sometimes, it seems as if they aren’t able to accept the area for what it is. For example, as we were touring the beauty of the Olympic National Park, they frequently got caught up in more mundane, touristy stuff such as taking many photographs and constantly comparing the area to hometown attractions. This seriously frustrated myself, as it seems horrible to ignore the wonder and magic of the present and be stuck in the past. However, upon review, could this be a simple characteristic that many of us share?

If you are in a new place, it is only natural to compare the current place to items still in your memory in order to make sense of it all. As primative hunter-gatherers, each new place we went would have differences  but the way that we found the correct plants to eat and to figure out which plants were poisonous relied on comparisons with our memory. Even today, it is basic of us to be comparing our current situation to what we have experienced in the past, in order to form a correct opinion of what to do next. Even in works of fiction, such as in The Giver, a special job was created to store memories and to verify important decisions with what had happened in the past in order to prevent disaster from striking.

Perhaps my grandparents were only doing what they found most natural, and creating a sense of familiarity in an odd and foreign land. However, while it is okay to be making connections with the past, live in the present so you could make connections with the future.

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