Nervous hands, nervous feet
People crowded all around
Awkwardly swaying to the beat
Of the tune
Of the music
Of the slooooow song
That seems to last a lifetime.

Looking into your eyes
Both sweating like crazy
But still so excited
For this night
And this dance
And this moment
Is one to remember for a long time.

Dunno what to do.
Dunno how to react.
Just swaying
When suddenly
It all clicks.

You lean your head forward
And gently rest on mine
And I’m staring out
Out into the crowd
Out into the dance
Out into the future
Wondering how long it would last.

As we gently embrace
The warmth of our bodies from the dance
And the sweat on our brow
Fading off into the distance
As we dance
As we listen
As we dream

And suddenly it’s over
Cut short in a way not meant by mortals
Seperating with regret
And moving on.

Is this the end,
Or the start?