It’s 2am and what is this I don’t even

…Why am I still up. Yay for an iPhone alarm clock that is smarter than the half-asleep me that tries to turn it off! And yay for midnight calc homework!

Today, or rather, yesterday, was the start of the 2012 National Novel Writing season, a frantic scramble to get 50,000 words out of the blankness of our minds and directly onto digital print. Yes, you need to write a novel in a month! How crazy is that! But the truth is, if you don’t practice hard at something, such as writing, you just won’t get better at that skill. Even if you make crap stuff right now, the forcing of yourself to do that steels you for the future.

Today, we live in a consumerism society, where most everything is based on what you have or don’t have. It’s all about the money, or the fame, or just what luxuries you are able to take advantage of. However, is that really the purpose of us? Are we here to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, or should we be an active part of this society? Most likely, people will be able to easily “get by” somehow, in a half-asleep manner all their lives, never getting wiser. However, it is for the lucky few who discover the ability of creation, that ability to call a thought into truth, to see their dreams personified in front of them, to change the status quo, who will truly understand and be satisfied.

Me? I’m a consumer. I’m haunted and, as I will not often admit, dominated by these social media or news aggrevator sites.  I lurk, read, like, vote, and more or less go brain dead as I consume my stream of messages. At the end of the day, all I’m left with is a pile of undone homework and a sore back to go with my headache. What on earth could all of this consumption do for me? If I was to actually read, analyze, and produce, perhaps I would be able to receive some of this new knowledge, but if I was to only glance, chuckle, and move on, I might as well be staring a wall for all of that usefulness.

Anyways, this new blog post, over the however long hiatus its been, is going to change that, at least for a tiny bit. If others around the country are able to write 50,000 words by the end of the month, maybe I can at least write 500 words a day on this pithy blog, just to get those creative juices flowing and to get my keyboard warmed up. Who knows will come out of here? There’s only one way to find out: do it!

So, on to matters of a completely different caliber…

I very recently realized that I was falling into a gap. I was creating my own reality and substituting it for what was around me. What dangerous behavior! I wasn’t observing my surroundings and reacting thereafter, but instead, was creating a surrounding that was favorable to me and reacting in a half-dozed manner. How did this happen?

Well, there’s this girl that I’m infatuated with. And I don’t even know, but hey, a kid can dream, no? But if all that kid do is dream, and not put anything into play, than nothing will come out of it. It isn’t enough to merely observe the world in motion, but to interact, to change, to create! That is our goal. Perhaps I will do something; overcome that shyness barrier. Perhaps….

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