Day 2 of 31: Hey, I haven’t given up yet!

Whelp, I’m still writing. What a surprise; I expected that little burst of creativity to be dead by now. I guess that there is some part of me that really believes what my brain attempted to regurgitate yesterday night.

What do you mean it’s 7:15 of the next day’s morning, as you “forgot” to wake up at 1 to get some of that homework done? What slander are you saying? *sigh……

Well, I’m drowning in activities and homework. The volume of the latter isn’t that bad, it’s just those pesky APUSH notes about those pesky social reforms that is going to be killing me soon. Mr. O is a great teacher, and I guess that the only way to actually do well is to sludge through eternal torture for a period of 4 hours, cramming the information into my head. Oh, what horrors a high school student must face!

On a completely unrelated note, did you know that there is some punctuation for irony? Apparently it looks quite a bit like a backwards question mark, and was used in the 16th century quite commonly. There is also the pointing hand punctuation, which was used in those really old newspapers, but eventually got dropped from the standard punctuation set just because it took SO DARN LONG to draw one of those.

Getting back to activities….

Had Awana last night, which is pretty much educational religious daycare for the little kiddies in our church while their parents went through bible study. Ahhh, the innocence of youth….. one encounter:

Teacher: Can anyone tell use David’s friend?

Student: Oooh, is it Jonathan!

Teacher: That’s right!

Student 2: (whisper) He only had one friend?

Teacher: Now, does anyone else know another friend?

Student 3: (whisper) Is it a girl? I bet it’s a girl.

Teacher: It’s his wife!

Student 3: (smug) I knew it!

Ahhh, kids. Quite interesting to get away from the slog of high school and mess with their little heads. :D

Heading off to the Pacific Science Center in about another hour to volunteer at the Bio Life Sciences something or another, not sure what to expect there. More likely, I’m going to end up as that one bored teenager with a dead face handing you a ticket and monotonously saying “Have a good day, mister”. Well, not if I can help it! This thing is going to be a blast, and it’s going to be amazing to see so many like minded science enthusiastics in one place! of course, it would be a lot more awesome if there were other people that I know with me manning the booth….ah well, I guess life will work in ways that we never expect, and we just have to go with it at some point.

Argh, I have to Skype with this kid in China who’s going to be attempting to come to the US in a year for college. Our crazy Chinese teacher thought that it would be a great educational oppourtunity to be able to speak to somebody ACTUALLY from China! Who is ACTUALLY a person without brothers or sisters! Whose family ACTUALLY speaks Chinese at home! I wonder where else I would ever find that opportunity, eh?

IDK, I haven’ t even contacted the kid and I need to talk to him by Monday, with a thousand word summary of what we talked about. At least this is better than my friend, the “king cow cow”, who hasn’t found a partner yet.

Whelp, I’m going to try to get a couple more minutes of sleep before the craziness of this weekend. Posting soon!

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