Day 4 of 31

What do you mean I didn’t publish anything for yesterday? I blame the time skip; obviously all of the extra hours I got made the post disappear from the stream of time.

Well, another day….another chapter of APUSH. Man, I’ve really been run down today. Just the sheer stress of the weekend has really been getting to me. I slept straight from midnight to 12:30, giving me 13 and a half hours of sleep with the daylight saving’s time. Of course, I woke up at 6:00 to start on my APUSH, but then again, I fell back asleep about an hour later. My parents really don’t need to know about that.

I was skyping with a kid in China Saturday night as part of a Chinese project. It was actually pretty nifty, in how we were able to be paired up and converse with these random upperclassmen who want to come to America to study. He was a pretty interesting guy, with great English and a keen sense of business, even trying to sell me some stuff during the Skype call :P. Through talking to him, it was weird seeing how different our lives are here than from a student in China. One thing that he hinted heavily on was how everything was test oriented in China; they didn’t really care about anything else. Even if you don’t do any work, or gosh forbid, learn anything, if you do well on the finals, you’ll be considered a genius.

In other news….

Had our BYSO Masterworks concert tonight. Bleh, what a mess. We seconds managed to miss 2 entrances, and half of us were actually ghost playing in the faster sections. I have to admit, I got lost quite a bit in those monotonous repeating sections in the first movement where all we were doing was playing just a small scale over and over and over and over….

Well, now that that’s over, I can start listening to the Sibelius concert while taking APUSH notes instead of that convoluted Amy Beach concert. Still, I have to admit that the concert was pretty fun, if not just for the random backstage/green-room talks. Ahhh, the joys of stress…..

Reason for the late post is, again, that silly Chinese assignment. Took me forever to type up the 1100 words, but then I found out that I had to handwrite it…. or suffer a fifty percent grade reduction. Being the *studious* student that I am, I’ve been copying down a section, pausing over facebook, going back and getting another section done, getting back onto reddit, rinse and repeat.

Looking forward to the new week in anticipation, especially the little break we have. It’ll be a great time to catch up on some homework and hopefully some debate stuff. I really just haven’t had time to review and learn policy debating, so I’m especially nervous for the first competition in two weeks. Especially as I am paired up with a debater protege….sigh. IDK how I’ll match up, but hopefully, I will be able to learn and take something away from it all.

Whelp, that’s 500 words, so logging off for now.

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