Day 9 of 31

You know what, this is going to only update every two days. That might help with my conscience about not updating. There. Done. Don’t expect anything more, but be on the look out for less.

It’s a wee bit sad how much I tend to procrastinate, even on procrastination itself. I could have been writing anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half ago, but instead, I’ve been playing a flash game. Curse you upgrade games making me NASA and controlling these cute little rockets! You have my brain in your grasp!

It’s been a good day off, going to the library for the majority and actually getting stuff done there. However, I still have a mountain of stuff that I need to do, and not entirely sure if I’ll get through everything at the end of the break. Even though some are more trivial than others, it would be great to finish all of it up and start getting ready for the next week. Saw Emily (Rose Chen…why does she insist on her full name be spoken at all times? IDK) and Justin L at the library, as well as a whole lot of freshies. Got through quite a bit of webassign, and was able to help out with other people’s webassign as well. That feeling of being helpful… nothing like it. Well, maybe there are some similar…. :D

ON the topic of the large number of freshmen at the library, I really wish that I could help them out or something. I know that I was a really confused and scared freshie, and that one of the best parts of school were the upperclassmen helping out, joking around, or other things. This new class is crazy strong, taking over debate, math, and science with ease, but there still is that instinct of protection…and perhaps insecurity? Better let the newer people do what they want, and encourage them. At the same time, see them as your friendly competition and move even faster to keep ahead.

ARGHPISUFSOIDUHF just discovered yet another webcomic, and it seems that this one might be able to keep me occupied for some time. Seeing that it’s already done so for 2 hours is pretty impressive.

Had other stuffs to discuss, but it’s 1:23 already, and I really should be sleeping. G’night y’all.

now i sound like a southener. no disrespect to any that might be out there. oh who am i kidding there are only crickets out there. or whatever the technological equivalence is.

3 thoughts on “Day 9 of 31

  1. I insist on my first name because my therapist says I have full name disorder, or fmd, which is characterized by one going insane if you only say their first name.

    jkjk lol there used to be another Emily Chen so I got used to Emily rose chen xD

    have agreat day buddy

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