Perhaps one day, we will all die. Perhaps, we will meet up after that day, and reflect. Perhaps we would be able to view our life as it really is there.

It is impossible for anyone to envision themselves to be truly immortal. Anyone who does so is either actually off their rocker or too messed up to believe in anything else. The thing is, that includes everyone. How often have we wished for a single moment to be a lifetime, an eternity? How often have we thought of living only in the moment, unworried about anything that would ever happen in the future? Isn’t that moment the point where we place ourselves into immortality, the place where we enshrine all of our beliefs into one, and abandon all other thoughts?

But then death comes. It always comes, at times that you least expect, like an unwelcome messenger, a harbinger of the ultimate news.

It slaps you in the face. The aftermath isn’t a brief, stinging sensation, but a wet and sticky, claw into your heart.

Death is real. It is big. Noone can stop it.

However, Life is just as real.

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