Perhaps one day, we will all die. Perhaps, we will meet up after that day, and reflect. Perhaps we would be able to view our life as it really is there.

It is impossible for anyone to envision themselves to be truly immortal. Anyone who does so is either actually off their rocker or too messed up to believe in anything else. The thing is, that includes everyone. How often have we wished for a single moment to be a lifetime, an eternity? How often have we thought of living only in the moment, unworried about anything that would ever happen in the future? Isn’t that moment the point where we place ourselves into immortality, the place where we enshrine all of our beliefs into one, and abandon all other thoughts?

But then death comes. It always comes, at times that you least expect, like an unwelcome messenger, a harbinger of the ultimate news.

It slaps you in the face. The aftermath isn’t a brief, stinging sensation, but a wet and sticky, claw into your heart.

Death is real. It is big. Noone can stop it.

However, Life is just as real.

As much as Death may try to tear us down, in the end, we live in the knowledge that it would succeed, in which case, it seems as if we are hopeless, a single soul against a vast army of murderers. My belief is that the only way that we can counter him is by living. To truly live, and to truly understand; that is the best way to counter Death.

You might claim that life is but a routine. An endless track that we are doomed to run upon; a heavy boulder we are doomed to push. However, this just doesn’t hold up. If life is but a routine, how are things created? If life was an eternal loop, how is mankind able to proceed?

The thing is, people are able to break out of this loop. People are blessed with the ability to move on; break out; create. People are able to look past differences and see the larger picture. People are able to change.

Many will stay stuck in this loop, but don’t you agree that it is much more interesting to leave? Even if we are taught incorrectly, how should we allow that limit our learning?

Some people will claim that humans are naturally cruel. It is in our nature to destroy, to ravish, to seek for our self gain. Some will claim that humans are naturally un-altruistic, that when we were born, anything that we seem to do is actually just to make ourselves look better. Some will claim that our collective population can’t do anything against that.

That is utter nonsense.

If you only view humans as individuals, it is altogether possible that parts of that is true. The difference is that we are a great community. We are able to help, we are able to assist, we are able to change.

Humans make mistakes. We often find ourselves repeating the same patterns, no? But eventually, someone wises up. Someone realizes, oh hey, that pattern that we’ve been following all these years? There is something seriously screwed up about it! We need change!

As an individual, we may seem powerless; as a group, we are powerful beyond compare.

Never give up hope, for hope is what keeps our heads up and looking forward. Hope provides comfort, however temporary, that there will be a better place for ourselves and our posterity. Hope perseveres in front of all else.

Never give up kindness, for kindness is what keeps us together. Kindness keeps us bonded together as a group, keeps us together through hardships, and makes the reality of a better future take place. Kindness is, for many, our redeeming quality.

And above all else, the greatest of these is love, for love is what makes life so worth living. Love in what you do, in what you say, in how you act, and in the ones around you. Love creates a better world for all; a world where we can live together in harmony.

Yes, yes, this might sound like a load of crap in order to boost spirits. But its Thanksgiving day and it’s a time to be happy. It’s a time to not only be thankful for those material things in front of us, that may seem so harsh and empty at times, but also to be thankful for those around us, supporting us along the way.

Even if we are forever alone in this huge universe, we shall take comfort that we are alone together. Together, we would be able to face anything.

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love” – Dumbledore, Harry Potter VII


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