Straight into Tourist Mode

Whelp, I finally figured out what the loud commotions coming from my parents have been every night as I’ve … dilligently … worked on my homework.

We’re leaving for Amsterdam, then Rome, in about 8 hours, and as far as I know, have only the bare-bones planned out.  xD This is going to be a fun night!

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Parafilm is an amazing thing.

For those of you who aren’t in the wonderful class of AP Chemistry, and yes, I mean that wholeheartedly, Parafilm (c) is this wonderful little film somewhat like industrial saran wrap. You get this ittsy bittsy tiny square of it from this huge roll sitting on the lab bench, and grab your 750 mL of deadly base, and just…


and s t r e t c h….

and s  t  r  e  t  c  h . . . . . . . .

until the little bitty piece covers the entire lid. As you can tell, this is a pretty darn useful thing in case if you want to seal, oh I don’t know, some kind of skin irritant from vaporizing and getting into the room where you spend 240 minutes per week in.

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Today, 27 people have died.


Every day, thousands of people die in the US alone. Most of them are senior in age and experience, going out with a passing of the light. Heart attacks, cancer, and old age slowly devestate everybody, everywhere.

Around the globe, nearly 17,000 kids die every single day due to starvation. In a world where food has become commonplace in some areas, people are still being hit, and being hit hard, by this issue of malnutrition.

All over the world, so many die for so many wrong reasons. Sudden heart attacks, inter-city violence, drunk driver accident. So many lives cut loose, far ahead of their time. It’s become commonplace for all of these to occur, so that when another shocking report appears on National Public Radio, it is but another nuisance in our days.

In general, life moves on, no? Isn’t death inevitable, that any action taken against it futile?

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How much help is too much?

At what time does extending an arm of friendship transmute to being a hand of oppression?

Everyday, around 9 pm, I start getting the message. Bzz, bzz, new message from HaplessStudent! bzz bzz, new message from LostInWebassign! Bzz bzz, new message from deathByHomework! And every single one of your messages, I respond to.

I respond to the trivial matters over what homework is due tomorrow, over the more insightful essay evaluations; I respond to the daily Chinese checks to the long winded discussions about physics.

And sometimes, I really wonder:

Am I actually helping?

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Wave 4: Complete!

Fascinating fact: You can figure out just how many debate tournaments a person’s been to just by looking at the ink levels in their pens.

No really.

Debates are remarkably ink intensive, with all the flowing n writing and other necessary formation of words going on, even with the use of a paperless system. Sometimes, it just feels better to have it all in front of you, in clearly color-coordinated ink, no?

Anyways, just got home from the Auburn tourney, and my first Varsity rounds! Quite an experience, and I am so thankful that Chris was around to help. I mean, he seems like the raging Asian on the outside, but he is a remarkably calm and clear-headed person. somebody who definitely deserves to get into UPenn early. He gave great advice through the 5th round, and the first time that I’ve really been able to take awa some good constructive criticism. Oddly enough, even though we completely lost that round, I think that that was one of the first rounds that I actually felt some sort of control over the situation. It might just be because of how late it was, and how the number of times that I had run this case, but the entire argument was so much more clear in my head.

Still having those degrees of separation between me and the rest of the policy/LD team, but I guess I just have to accept that and move on. After all, I really am not the best person for them to come to, nor do I think on the same frequency as they do for a majority of time. They are really cool and really awesome in their own way, but I really wish that there were more upperclassmen boys on the team…

All of that asides, this was quite an interesting tournament. We got 2 byes, which might help to explain how our 3 man team was able to go 3-3, but every single debate taught me something new, even the complete crap K args in the observation round 6.

I want to rant about the obscene amounts of homework and projects that I have, but I legitly don’t even have the energy for that. Goood night!

Addiction part 2

What am I doing with my life.
Like seriously. What.

All I have ever done is study and study. There have been other significant events, but it always comes back to school. You ever notice that? Regardless of what special event there is, or what competition you attended, it always comes back to the same thing.
Study. Get good grades. Be a good student.

What on earth does that mean?

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I am addicted. Addiction is a disease.

By definition, a disease must have a couple of components. It must have a cause, signs and symptoms, progression, an outcome, and most importantly, it must have a treatment.

Addiction shows signs through the coldness that addicts turn, creating an atmosphere of dependency on whatever their drug is, abandoning everything else on the wayside. Addiction gradually progresses from a small little habitual thing to something that their life is revolving around. Addiction always has an outcome, most of which is not pleasant. More importantly, addiction should be treatable; manageable in somewhich way for the diseased.

I am addicted to homework.

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