Wave 4: Complete!

Fascinating fact: You can figure out just how many debate tournaments a person’s been to just by looking at the ink levels in their pens.

No really.

Debates are remarkably ink intensive, with all the flowing n writing and other necessary formation of words going on, even with the use of a paperless system. Sometimes, it just feels better to have it all in front of you, in clearly color-coordinated ink, no?

Anyways, just got home from the Auburn tourney, and my first Varsity rounds! Quite an experience, and I am so thankful that Chris was around to help. I mean, he seems like the raging Asian on the outside, but he is a remarkably calm and clear-headed person. somebody who definitely deserves to get into UPenn early. He gave great advice through the 5th round, and the first time that I’ve really been able to take awa some good constructive criticism. Oddly enough, even though we completely lost that round, I think that that was one of the first rounds that I actually felt some sort of control over the situation. It might just be because of how late it was, and how the number of times that I had run this case, but the entire argument was so much more clear in my head.

Still having those degrees of separation between me and the rest of the policy/LD team, but I guess I just have to accept that and move on. After all, I really am not the best person for them to come to, nor do I think on the same frequency as they do for a majority of time. They are really cool and really awesome in their own way, but I really wish that there were more upperclassmen boys on the team…

All of that asides, this was quite an interesting tournament. We got 2 byes, which might help to explain how our 3 man team was able to go 3-3, but every single debate taught me something new, even the complete crap K args in the observation round 6.

I want to rant about the obscene amounts of homework and projects that I have, but I legitly don’t even have the energy for that. Goood night!