Today, 27 people have died.


Every day, thousands of people die in the US alone. Most of them are senior in age and experience, going out with a passing of the light. Heart attacks, cancer, and old age slowly devestate everybody, everywhere.

Around the globe, nearly 17,000 kids die every single day due to starvation. In a world where food has become commonplace in some areas, people are still being hit, and being hit hard, by this issue of malnutrition.

All over the world, so many die for so many wrong reasons. Sudden heart attacks, inter-city violence, drunk driver accident. So many lives cut loose, far ahead of their time. It’s become commonplace for all of these to occur, so that when another shocking report appears on National Public Radio, it is but another nuisance in our days.

In general, life moves on, no? Isn’t death inevitable, that any action taken against it futile?

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