Straight into Tourist Mode

Whelp, I finally figured out what the loud commotions coming from my parents have been every night as I’ve … dilligently … worked on my homework.

We’re leaving for Amsterdam, then Rome, in about 8 hours, and as far as I know, have only the bare-bones planned out.  xD This is going to be a fun night!

Usually, we have these huge brainstorming sessions of how to hit every single possible attraction in a city, with like 20 books checked out researching every individual brick and stone of the area, but this year because of the crazy hw and projects, I haven’t been able to work on trip planning.

Straight into visitor mode for me then!

It’s going to be a crazy two weeks, compounded on how much work was assigned over the break, but… I’m going to Europe. Any sort of problem that can arise from that is not only a first world problem, but an Alpha+ global city 1% first world problem. Like really. Not that many people get a chance to see so much history right in front of their eyes; you better bet that I’m going to milk as much out of this as I can!

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