Insomnia is a condition regarding the inability to fall asleep when desired, usually resulting in some form of sleep deprivation. This much-studied disease has an odd property: All IB students seem to be entirely immune to it, as they subject themselves to sleep torture on a much more willing process of finishing homework or facebook trolling.

which makes it all the more concerning why I have it right now.

Health has been heavy the past couple of days, which actually surprises me. Who would have thought that you actually learn in that class? The domestic violence story we heard today really hit me a bit though. For those who do not know, there was this teenage girl whose parents were divorced, and whose mother had a new abusive boyfriend, with a cycle of verbal/emotional/social abuse, culminating in a single act of violence to end her life.

I dunno. Whenever topics start to bridge over to this morality issue, it’s always easier to just laugh it off, or shrug it off. Perhaps just another defense mechanism that we have developed? But after witnessing this firsthand in another friend’s family, this really has an impact. No matter how much we kid or jest, the harsh reality still hangs out there. There’s always a kid who would laugh just to join in, but know more of it.

I’m not actually very close in touch with that kid, but from what I hear, his mom is getting married to a better person this time, so kudos to him and his family.

Perhaps I have an optimistic and naive view of the world, but just can’t we live in peace? Why do all of these horrid things happen for such a long time?

Today’s story hit me not so much for the story itself, but in the presentation. All through it, the girl had this “painted laughter” expression, sort of looking at the ground, speaking quickly, like each retelling was another murder of her mother. That sensation, of just lost and devastation, sort of set off a sadness detector in my brain and suddenly all I can do is listen to sad music and watch House.

Complete side note here: Did you know that watching sad movies actually makes you feel good about yourself, because you compare yourself to the people in the movie and then find yourself in a better position? In a not so tangentially related note, anyone want to watch les Miserables soon?

My emotions tend to be cyclic in nature, so I’ll get over this one eventually. But it is so disheartening to think…

Whoa, it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve got a bunch of travel journals written up from Europe, but IDK if anyone wants to actually look at them. I’ll try to figure out a way to post them but keep them hidden, or just upload the files or something.

I’m gonna try to sleep to the tune of Little Talks. G’night ya’ll.

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