Everyone Lies

Too much House, not enough time…

I suppose you could also say Too much IB, not enough time… translates to be about the same meaning.

Every single person is a liar in some degree. Some are better at covering it up than others, while others proclaim themselves as either entirely manipulative or wholly pure. Many believe lies to be wicked, or evidence of a poor moral fiber.

I think that train of thought is pretty silly, especially because I don’t really understand “moral fiber”. Why would you want to have long strains of cellulose dictating your morals? But even more so, I think that people just have this natural tendency to lie, regardless of what they claim to do. It partially hinges on your definition of what a lie is, whether it  is intentionally telling something that is untrue, or the absence of truth in a situation. I tend to interpret it more liberally, with any sort of half-baked lie to be considered.

Lies are the foundation of our control. History is but a bunch of lies agreed upon by the winners, which is definitely a legitimate reason for never studying history ever again, while societal norms are just lies that people accept in order to get their own way in the larger scheme of things.

If the world is built on lies, than would it be considerable to lie? I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this, but it’s entirely dependent on the situation. This is where that amazing organ resting in our cranium gets to come into play, and perhaps make some decisions. Life isn’t black and white; in fact, if you viewed it as so, it is likely that you are engaging in the defense mechanism known as “splitting” and should probably get some helps.

On a side note, wikipedia has some really interesting articles on psychology. Just Saiyan.

So if we assume that everyone is a mix of both good and bad, we have to accept the good and bad in every person. We might be able to impose our viewpoints, or perhaps even persuade and argue our differences, but we will not be able to argue for complete purity or fundamental flaws.

Hmm, I have more ideas, but I want to publish before midnight.

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