I learned a new trick recently.

So, for all you myopic people out there, waking up in the morning can be a hassle, especially if you accidentally fell asleep while reading, and now can’t find your precious glasses. The way that I would have used to see and find my glasses was to whip out my smartphone, get the camera running and look at that while it brought everything else in focus. Not a bad workaround, eh?

But, there is a way that is a whole lot cooler. And makes you feel a lot more like a pirate.

See, the reason that we get such blurry vision when we look at things that are far away is because our eyes are misaligned, or more specifically, when light enters our eyes, it is improperly diffracted and gets mismatched on the cornea. However, if you were to limit the light rays that would enter your eyes, than maybe…

Try this the next time you want to see something far away. Make a fist with your hand, and put a really really small whole in the middle, so that you can look through it. Even if you don’t have your glasses on, when you look through the whole your vision becomes a lot more clear, because it filters out any light that does not exist at a 90 degree angle. Therefore, you have decent vision again!

idk why i just wrote that. meh, it’s interesting. Science! SCIENCE!

So, finals week. Or, more accurately, the end of finals week! I’m sitting in calc right now watching most people breeze through the final, and still have something around an hour to go. So….

The week leading up to now was ridiculously stressful, all for the wrong reasons too. I’ve been too focused on just getting by, keeping my grades up, and just treading water right now.

Do you know how boring treading water is?

I feel like I’m learning for all the wrong reasons, like Mr. O said at the beginning of the year, and I can’t believe that it’s happening to me.

Previously, I’ve always been so… enthusiastic about school, and it was a joy to learn. Now, it’s starting to feel more monotonous and repetitive, I’m slowing falling into a rut.

Hey, the first step to solving a problem is noticing the problem, so I suppose it is a good thing that I caught this early rather than late. APUSH is over, as long as I get greater than a 12% on the MC test I’ll survive, as well as Physics. Maybe I’ll be able to focus a little more next semester. Maybe I won’t be as fanatic over Reddit or 9gag next semester. Maybe next semester I will return to my usual, active self.

NOTE: this was relatively old, postmarked 1/24/13. Things have…shifted from this mood. IDK for better or for worse. I think that is the name of a comic. Yep, Google confirms.

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