*Actually guilt tripping myself into writing this. Not sure why, do I need a reason for it?

I sorta hate my body right now.

Sure, it is filled with all of these crazily cool biological functions that our best scientists do not understand, and sure there are all sorts of automatic inbred reflexes from thousands of years of breeding. And of course, maybe there is all this whacky stuff just going on in the higher mental statuses of your brain, capable of understanding, and dare I say it, knowing! What a remarkable achievement!

And then a tiny, not even organism status, viral infection comes along and somehow screws it all up. I mean, seriously, from a biological aspect, a virus isn’t that awesome. According to my chemistry book (dur, don’t take bio because IB Chem FTW), viruses are just packets of DNA/RNA surrounded by a thin protein layer, which then infects cells and forces those healthy cells to produce more viruses.

Why can’t I, an organism of 50 some trillion cells, defend myself against this puny little midget? Why is this virus able to cause fevers, headaches, muscle pains, coughs, sore throats, stomach pains, and other symptoms, even though I have a fully functioning immune system?

I blame IB.

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