I <3 Pills

Well, you know, the good kinds. That are legitimately sold by people in fancy white lab coats and… Oh you know what I’ll just stop talking.

Remind me to never attempt to write quickly on my phone. Virtual keyboards just don’t work for me; I need the taciturn feel and length of a real keyboard. I heard that there was new tech coming out for making raised platforms on the screen when the keyboard comes out, but that’s at least two years away.

So, onto pills….

As I’ve been so happily blabbering to everyone about, NyQuil pills are big. Really big. I don’t like swallowing big stuff, I wonder why? Can’t be my human instinct to not die and choke, could it?

By they do make you feel better. A whole lot better. Modern medicine is quite wonderful in that way.

Hmm I think I’m going to just ramble which is odd but I guess okay in some senses.

I was just watching Nick at Night a little time ago, and they have these awesome 90’s reruns. I’m sure that everyone’s seen those “only 90s kids will get it” silly Facebook pages but man, I always thought that the weird 90’s cartoons, like Hey Arnold, Recess, All That were pretty decent. With the exception of one, maybe two.

Rocko’s Modern World always struck me as creepy, just bone tingling something is wrong kind of a deal, and I guess little me wasnt that far off. The episode I saw ends up with vacuums taking over the world and everyone literally, yes I’m talking about actual glue literally, to their televisions. Like what did I just see. They let kids like me watch that?

Ehh, still better than some of the stuff they have today. Except Phineas and Ferb.

Speaking of loving pills (or maybe not my train of thought crashed ages ago in a candy mountain with Shark Boy and Lava Girl) Valentine’s day is around the corner! Most likely it is waiting with a knife and some kind of dark ski mask to rob you of your money… ahhhh cwutijustdidthar.

little hopes my friend, little hopes.

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