The Social Network

It’s been interesting being away from Facebook.
Or for that matter, the rest of the Internet. It’s a lot more boring, and perhaps less appetizing, to lie in bed with a smartphone if you can’t really chat with friends or to browse Reddit.

People should try this more often. No, not because Facebook is a monster that is destroying the lives if everything it touches, as my lovely mother will certainly make a claim for, but to figure out what you would do in that new found time.

Obviously, there’s the actual portion about sleeping, which has been rumored to be good for your health, a fact which is not accepted by the International Coalition of International Baccaloruate (No I can’t spell) Students, and then there’s always trying to not procrastinate and all. But that’s all boring and seems to be more of a necessity than something to take away the pain of boredom.

You need to figure out what you would do if you were just stuck on your bed while your parents half slept, trying to amuse yourself.

Me, I read about corn sex, listen to the Econ of cocaine, and then (incoherently) blog about it all.

Reading was a huge, epic part of my life for the last 10 years, beginning from the point before I could read (wait wat) to about the time I started having acute (very much different from chronic) procrastination. I read so much fiction and just filled my head with those amazing takes if yonder, of lions in wardrobes and of people discriminating against those who have noses. Sorry, that is a horribly veiled allusion of Harry Potter, but I’ll stick to my guns.

Lately, I’ve been getting more into the actual epic qualities of fiction, preferring either epic tales like A Game of Thrones, or the more rom/com type deal, while the large change is in this new found fascinating with nonfiction.

Amazing stuff, really. Interesting how skills writers are able to describe food in a way to both repulse and attract, while throwing in corn hegemony too. (Omnivore’s Dilemma. Now.)

Oh yeah, can’t forget about manga/fanfic. I would pin a very specific person for introducing those worlds too me. #NoRegrets

On the other hand, listening to stuff is equally entertaining, especially entering eternal exercises of economics with the rapier wit of those folks at Planet Money. You know, gift giving really is an inefficient way of spreading wealth without a market, and double entry bookkeeping is a fascinating process that everyone should be learning.

You also pick up some… interesting factoids, such as the bisexuality of da Vinci with the guy who created double entry bookkeeping, and why the US has a strategic helium reserve. (It was to keep the US on top of the world in case if blimps became super crazy powerful war weapons, in case if you were wondering.

Podcasts aren’t the only thing I listen to though, found a new love for tswift… But best that that is kept on the down low.

Finally, I’ve been thinking I just write more. With the long break and the self-imposed limited Internet access, this would be the perfect time to start writing a book. I have the germ of an idea, cross pollinated by Tsubasa and recent experience, so I’m looking forward to going to Bellevue Regional and hammering out a couple of chapters that are going to be so horribly disgusting that people will literally throw up upon reading.

I mean literally because I will put viruses in the manuscript and deny them antiviral treatment until they buy the book. Ah yes, the evil endeavors of a author scientist.

So yeah, I’ll try I start a section on here for that soon. of course, I have a feeling that the transition from Facebook to fiction might be just as smart as leaping from the frying pan into the fire (yes f alliteration oh how I love you).

Song: Living Next Door to Alice

Oh yeah, Banananananananagrams is a wonderful game and Matthew Lam is an absolute beast at push ups. 576 pushups just sorta blow my mind. More on YSF camp later.

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