Man, writing is really dependent on mood. I was planning on doing this moderately artsy piece on shattered mirrors, but now I can’t get this image of my mom looking at an iPhone 4 and saying, wait this is different from my old purple htc?


I suppose I should be appreciative. After all, if she hasn’t lost her phone, then she wouldn’t have taken dad’s to use, who then would jot be irked and convinced that she needs her own phone, which would then not allow me I get a nice upgrade.

But teaching them how to use technology… SO AWESOME

It’s like every little function is fascinating, like sending an audio file or checking google or something. Stuff that we today take for granted and don’t really think twice about.

I guess my only hope is that the same will happen to me one day. That I would be laughed at or scorned by the neighborhood young hooligans on how I didn’t know how to use the new intergalactic teleporters or the holographic phones. Because then I would be finally satisfied that humanity really was endlessly growing, with no upper limit in sight.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I’m actually starting to like google plus/ gchat. Not too shabby compared with Facebook! I’m also going to feebly attempt to redesign this blog, but knowin my lack of artistic ability, who knows how that’ll turn out. Probably make this, uhh, more public sometime soon with twitter/Facebook plugs that will annoy the crap out if my friends. Love you guys too <3

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