Isn’t potpourri just such a fun word to say? Just the connotations mixed with this basket of spiced fruits, slowly dissipating it’s smell throughout the house…

That has almost nothing to do with I want to write about, but because of the backlog of ideas, this post will sound more jumbled than I would have imagined at the beginning, probably conflicting with itself multiple times, and just thoroughly confusing.

…so, potpourri it is!

Everyone has had times when they just don’t really want to talk to people. Either you’re just thinking about something else, or your mind is slightly depressed because of something that you did earlier. Or maybe, you just sorta think that the other person is being a bit of a jerk.

How do you get rid of these people?

Most people I’ve talked to recommend a tactic of salutary neglect, or just outright rejection, but I don’t agree. What does rejection get you? The main purpose is to sorta let these people give you some space, or otherwise leave you alone. If you just flatly state you don’t want them around, sure, it’ll achieve your purpose, but you’ll also probably be seen as a unsociable type of jerk. And more importantly, you probably would be a bit of a jerk.

We don’t like jerks around here.

I think that the best method I’ve come up with, is, well… perhaps best explained by this comic: 

Love you too Hannelore :D

So, when you get really irked, just answer them in the most polite, formal way you can! And really, try to help the poor guy out. Give some reasonably useful advice, if nothing but at least a referral to another person. Usually, I’ve found that if you downplay yourself, it works quite well too. I mean, you can’t really get angry at a person who’s revealing his/her own deficiencies while denying something.

Of course, I’m not encouraging you to alienate your friends. Which you totally will do if you sound like a posh British gentlemen (or lady) at all times. I’m just saying, it’s a relatively polite way to slightly creep your friends out.

Which obviously everyone wants to do :D

Argh, post is dragging on too much. I’m going to blindly close my eyes and hit that really tempting publish button over there. Bye.

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