I’m something like 3-4 hours away from reactivating my Facebook again, so in the following time that I shall use to procrastinate, I just wanted to write about this week.

You know, it’s been something like 4 years since I’ve really been away from that megalomaniac of a site that so many of us love, and it’s really been strange. Not even when I was behind the great firewall of China, or at camp in EPGY, did I really face this kind of separation.

The quiet of the day, or the subtle things that bring me amusement, I think that I started to miss that. Being more isolated sort of brought everything else around me into sharper focus. I would compare it to looking out through a beautiful scene while the sun is in your eyes, versus a more overcast day. Even though the sun might be nice and warm you up, at the end of the day you’re left with a sunburn and horrible eyes from staring at it too long. An overcast day might seem dreary at first, but as you get accustomed to it, you actually begin to notice nature for what it is, not just for what it appeared to be.

I think I was starting to get Stockholm’s syndrome from too much Facebook.

And yet…

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