Ahhh, don’t you just love starting new projects!

That joy of coming up with an interesting idea, and then thinking through the steps for success. Being able to visualize the goals and intents of the project, as well as the challenges and pitfalls that are bound to happen.

Of course, implementation is always much harder.

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In the style of Fitzgerald, as requested by me ever-wonderful English teacher. Bleh

Instead of taking the direct route back to her home we went long down the scenic driveway and under the starlight skies. With the soft babble of conversation A____ was pointing out the constellations or the shadow of the Milky Way, noticing the grounds, the wild-grown lay of the land with its sweet honeysuckle overflowing with sugar and the pale cool sensation of the morning dew. It was strange to stand in such a forgotten place and hear no sound of cars rushing from point A to point B, and see not the sodium lights brandishing their harsh yellow glow.

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First things first, I TOTALLY published/wrote this on March 21st, not the 22nd. No matter what WordPress may claim. EDIT: Hmmm, apparently you can manipulate the time posts appear to be published…mhmm! :D

So, it is my birthday today (yay!) but I just sort of wanted to take a step back and reflect on what we consider to be a birthday. Think how arbitrary the setting is, it’s but another date that we just list out. Just marking how many times have you revolved around the sun, or the number of seconds since that first breath of life. But even through all of this, everyone is determined to make it a great deal.

And honestly, I agree with them.

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First things first: I would just like to say how happy I am for finishing my homework by 7 tonight!

and next, I would like to comment on how old habits of sleeping late die pretty hard. You don’t really expect insomnia these days.

So, about conservatism. Even though the modern American would be inclined to leap to the political implications of the word, being conservative is a lot more simple than that. The truth is, being a conservative person just means that you believe the past wasn’t such a bad place to be in.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a rather liberal person politically and socially. I think that change is necessary for our nation to be moving forward, and I think that a stagnant nation will eventually crumble. We need to constantly create new goals and perform new research, right? See the brilliance of Matthew Inman here and here for a … colorful illustration.

Progress is a necessary part of life. We need to keep on building and achieving, not just staying stagnant or just swimming in those preconceived notions of society that we have created.

But if that is the case…

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