First things first: I would just like to say how happy I am for finishing my homework by 7 tonight!

and next, I would like to comment on how old habits of sleeping late die pretty hard. You don’t really expect insomnia these days.

So, about conservatism. Even though the modern American would be inclined to leap to the political implications of the word, being conservative is a lot more simple than that. The truth is, being a conservative person just means that you believe the past wasn’t such a bad place to be in.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a rather liberal person politically and socially. I think that change is necessary for our nation to be moving forward, and I think that a stagnant nation will eventually crumble. We need to constantly create new goals and perform new research, right? See the brilliance of Matthew Inman here and here for a … colorful illustration.

Progress is a necessary part of life. We need to keep on building and achieving, not just staying stagnant or just swimming in those preconceived notions of society that we have created.

But if that is the case…

Most times, when an idea is good, it starts in a small way, and people brainstorm how to make it apply to the group at large. Does the idea of change that great when applied to each person?

Individually speaking, I would dare to say that most people long for a good past or to a method of success. People hope that they are able to find one single method that they are able to use over and over again, a formula for success if you will. And honestly, that seems like a completely reasonable claim. Who doesn’t want to retire into comfort, into the quiet familiarity of the ages?

The problem with this way of thinking is that eventually you will fall. As the liberals slowly change into the conservatives as their original ideas are realized, so will the fresh lines of thinking fall over the next decades. Eventually, all of those innovations that we are so excited about will fall by the wayside and be shunned.

How do we prevent ourselves from being shut off in such a rut?

Obviously, you can’t engage in constant revolution. Case in point, Chairman Mao and the system he implemented in China. His belief, that the government should actually be engaged in continuous, full-fledged revolution, led to systematically wiping out so many talented people just because they weren’t able to contradict their own, 10 minute old, ideas.

Introspection, I believe, is key here. You just have to keep on examining yourself, and asking: Am I doing this because I think it will lead to a better future, or am I just being lazy again?

Well, I guess that we students don’t have to be thinking like that in such a general fashion. But still, this epistemology (NOT ToK I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE TOK AS TOK) idea is worth remembering.

on a completely different topic that obviously has no relationship to the above rant, i’ve been feeling so stagnant and falling into these stupid camus patterns of humanity somebody helppp meee

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