First things first, I TOTALLY published/wrote this on March 21st, not the 22nd. No matter what WordPress may claim. EDIT: Hmmm, apparently you can manipulate the time posts appear to be published…mhmm! :D

So, it is my birthday today (yay!) but I just sort of wanted to take a step back and reflect on what we consider to be a birthday. Think how arbitrary the setting is, it’s but another date that we just list out. Just marking how many times have you revolved around the sun, or the number of seconds since that first breath of life. But even through all of this, everyone is determined to make it a great deal.

And honestly, I agree with them.

Even though I think that the concept, or the human tradition, of keeping time in such an odd way, the idea of being able to celebrate someone is important. To quote from The Giver, a birthday party is where “one child [is] singled out and celebrated … so that he understood the joy of being an individual, special and unique and proud” (Lowry 121) It’s where a kid can feel special and sorta reflect on the past and future.

But why can’t we have this happen everyday?

One of the sharpest lessons that I remember from last year was sitting in the back of PreCalc this time last year. I don’t remember what happened, but I think someone started singing that terrible, somehow always off-key rendition of Happy Birthday, and Mr. Millhollen just sorta cracked down on it. Understandably, we had a ton of crap to cover that day, but what he said later sorta touched me: Why do we have to have a special day to celebrate a person? Shouldn’t we be trying to do that every day?

And he is exactly right!

We should be celebrating everyone, with no put downs or other kinds of disparagement remarks. We should go out and make the world a beautiful place for everyone, not just a single special person per day.

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