In the style of Fitzgerald, as requested by me ever-wonderful English teacher. Bleh

Instead of taking the direct route back to her home we went long down the scenic driveway and under the starlight skies. With the soft babble of conversation A____ was pointing out the constellations or the shadow of the Milky Way, noticing the grounds, the wild-grown lay of the land with its sweet honeysuckle overflowing with sugar and the pale cool sensation of the morning dew. It was strange to stand in such a forgotten place and hear no sound of cars rushing from point A to point B, and see not the sodium lights brandishing their harsh yellow glow.

And as we wandered aimlessly through the night, I felt that we finally made it away from the prying eyes of friends and family, who had watched us behind every call and meet, finally away long enough for us to talk and not care of being heard. As we passed through the boundaries to her home I could have sworn to see a visible return of their ever-vigilant presence, and the reemergence of the city lights.

We went upstairs to her room, through offices overfilled with homework and projects and all the best IBLyfe posters you could find intruding into one office where a boy with a cute face and spiky hair was still doing Peach Packets on the floor. It was B____, the brother that I had seen racing to school that morning, frantic upon being late. Finally, we came to one cramped little bedroom, which looked almost like an afterthought to the house built for learning, and had no time for sleep and sat down on the bamboo floor to chat into the rising dawn.

I actually quite enjoy the flowing language Fitzgerald so masterfully uses, and the undercurrents of our current novel. Morales is allowing us to have another extra credit opportunity, and because my art skills are second only to my beat-boxing skills, I thing that’ I’m going to write a small list of poems from each perspective.

And that would satisfy the NaPoWriMo stuffs too! Conflicted on whether I’ll finish or not, might as well give it a shot!

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