So I’m really bad at this concept of time but apparently quite decent at the concept of time manipulation, where you just say “oh yeah i totally finished this homework 2 days ago”. So who cares if it’s actually 1:04 in the morning, it’s still April First somewhere in the world.

huddled masses walking around with destinations
of spectacular getaways and shining beaches
because what else would you be thinking
when we carry our emotions
to every place life takes us?

instead of going to new nations
and discovering fascinating new cultures
where the sky isn’t always blue but even when
there are dark days, people still appreciate and embrace
the challenges.
we sit
and dwell
and mope and gripe and moan and shout
and complain about what cannot be changed

and we just bring this baggage with us everywhere we go
allowing it to be a mark
of shame or pride, either would force us
to fixate on the closed door and never pass through
opportunities galore

It is time for us to travel this round world,
to drop off your baggage at the carousel
board the flight
and have a nice trip.

This is crap. I am crap. Practice makes perfect so i’ll keep trying i guess

One thought on “Baggage

  1. ooooh really cool :D

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