A bit tongue in cheek; first time i’ve actually had people reading my works. Especially strangers. Gotta be wary!

Please don’t feed my ego;
It is quite a delicate beast.
the way that it churns and billows
is nothing to say the least

It starts off as a young bud
fed by the comments and likes of peers
Until it triggers a flood
and grows with a nasty sneer

For as it grows it takes control
and makes my mind go crazy
as it tears straight through my soul
and the lines of reality grow hazy

Until I work and labor and toil all day
all for that sweet taste of recognition
but all my work has been done in vain;
I have come in total submission.

So while it’s great to be known for what you’ve done,
it’s even better to have pride in what is known by no one.

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