Extro and Intro

Inspired by a certain midnight conversation before that monster of a DBQ :P

People put on their displays
Of grandeur and of power
As if to prove to the world
(and themselves)
One does not need to fear
And one easily overcomes the oceans.

Accidental extroverts
Roaming the Earth twice over
Remove their real selves
From the scene of the crime
Creating a persona, an alter ego,
From an introverted shell

because isn’t it easier,
not just for me but for you
if we just all closed our eyes
and pretended
that we were all supermen in our own special way
Swooping down and saving the world?

Even heroes have a right to dream.

Even people have a right to be
Their old, shameful, confused
beautiful, sensitive, caring
introverted selves
because who knows?

All it takes is a simple intro
To make an introvert
Into a real, not just faking

somehow I fell asleep and then woke up at 5 to finish the poem. man, reminds you of those great days in school where you had to do that with homework, right?
haha, good thing *I* never, ever do that … *shifts around eyes nervously*

Facebook Hiatus

I suppose that I will be dropping off the FACE of the BOOK soon.

Ahahahahaha. I like puns way too much probably not extremely healthy, but meh.

More of an explanation: the last time I tried this, I suppose I had other motives throughout mid-winter break, but reflecting on he experience, it really was pretty great. To have a week without a constant distraction tends to be pretty good for your creativity, or maybe just your general mindset.

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