Facebook Hiatus

I suppose that I will be dropping off the FACE of the BOOK soon.

Ahahahahaha. I like puns way too much probably not extremely healthy, but meh.

More of an explanation: the last time I tried this, I suppose I had other motives throughout mid-winter break, but reflecting on he experience, it really was pretty great. To have a week without a constant distraction tends to be pretty good for your creativity, or maybe just your general mindset.

Being able to free myself from the prison of societal norms, while being able to keep my sanity is usually pretty difficult, but the tastes of freedom are too strong. So, I’ll be logging off as soon as SAD-BAD tonight (4/6) is over and when I don’t really need to have this portion of the Internet superhighway open.

Think of it as a construction job. I’ve shut of the 5290 bridge again, but you can still take I-90 to the same place. Or you could be super awesome, rent a boat and sail down Lake Washington reenacting The Lonely Island with me.

(I have many mixed metaphors)

Still, that doesn’t mean that I want to quit out of social interaction, no, definitely not! What I’m hoping to get is a more real interaction, that isn’t as mindless or instant as what Facebook provides.

That being said, I’ll still have my other 128151 social networks open, above all this blog. Email me if you want to talk (seattlechunny – at – gmail.com) or chat me on gtalk (redundant username omitted for redundant redundancies).

So, I’ll be seeing all of you soon, and have a great break!

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