when i was a young kid
we would always learn to play
with those around
who weren’t the same
who thought differently
and because we were young
and foolish and naive
we intermingled and laughed and fought
only when we disagreed over what color was better
or what cartoon was more captivating

but as we grew older we saw
of each other
like two continents drifting
two like charges repelling
keeping each other apart
by the hobbies we have.

why do we form these
hateful cliques
excluding outsiders and
accepting only those like minded
into our little circle of trust
when really
all things are connected
in one direction
or another?

why are online communities
by such harsh defining lines
to keep poets away from the learned,
the geeks away from the thoughtful?

can’t we just all be together as one,
facing the perils of the world
In joined hands rather than
On our own?

Oh my gosh a early poem yay and in other news I’ve been sleeping like 3/4ths of everyday I swear I’m becoming like Paul or Jade argh.
Not that they aren’t like the coolest real world/homestuck land people’s ever.