Beautiful Weekend

I actually have had an oddly invigorating weekend! Might as well summarize the high points of it. I’ve heard that there has been studies where people who wrote the ten best moments of their past day tended to have a more positive outlook of their lives for weeks afterwards.
Might as well give it a shot!

Saturday morning’s breakfast might have been one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had, as it was breaking the 30 hours of fasting I’ve done previously. It really is true that you don’t know how much you miss something until it has been taken away from you. Or intentionally deprived from yourself in the name of a good cause.

APUSH and AP Chem review sessions passed uneven truly, albeit slightly better than I expected.

Had a short meeting with our Imagine Tomorrow team, or at least what’s left of it. Busy testing regiments and awesome robotics competitions kept away two members, but that didn’t stop us from coming up with some plans of research. This year, we aren’t pursuing as rigorous or imaginative of a project, but I’m hoping that we will be able to make up in practicality. If we can prove that this idea not only can be built in theory, but can be started right now, then maybe the judges will be suitably impressed.
Maybe we could even design a way for everything to be produced for more legitimacy… Idk :P

Saturday night was amazing as I suited up. Senior prom was so dreamy, with the twinkling stars …

…and looking into the eyes of the dreamy… old man telling his life story. I volunteered for a “senior” prom for the elderly, where we basically dressed up and talked to some older folk. It was quite an interesting experience, seeing some of their lives in front of me. The old man who was once a linguistics professor and still an active polyglot, or the adventurous woman who spent two decades traversing through South America during the fall of dictators to set up coca cola plants. Even the old lady with 6 kids and 18 grand kids had a fascinating story. The only disappointing thing about the event was that at times it seemed that us, the young volunteers, seemed more interested in talking to each other and chatting than spending time with these people. Thank goodness I barely knew any of these upperclassmen and therefore weren’t distracted :P
The entire event really puts my future into another light. Usually when I picture my future, there’s this cut off after something around fifty years old, after I’ve retired and all. What would happen to me then, or for that matter, would I be satisfied with anything that I did at that age? Before retirement, there would always be some kind of gentle external pressure to do something, but after that age, it seems lik you have almost free range. I’m conflicted over if that’s a good thing or not. I need to stay active no matter what!

Sunday morning service was nice, although I did get some odd looks for my overly formal suit. Hey, I am a relatively lazy guy, and I really didn’t want to change in between service and the WACE Awards.

About those awards…

Man I feel super guilty writing this, but I guess it should come out anyways. WACE, or Washington Association for Chinese Education had an essay writing contest for people to explain how China had influenced them in their lives. While I would imagine hat the other participants may have spent a good amount of time on their entries, I honestly just finished it in about 2 hours, between 11 and 1am for some Chinese extra credit. I mean, that didn’t mean that what I wrote was garbage, it just wasn’t he best I could do, and I knew that. So I wasn’t really expecting taking 2nd place.
That either mean that my essay writing skills are a lot better than I think they are (not so likely) or that others spent even less time. Honestly, that is a bit sad, isn’t it?
I hope that I’ll be able I might be able to help this organization somehow in the future. Their goal really is quite admirable, and their self-motivation was something that we could all take a note from.
(Submitted essay attached for you to pass judgment over)

While driving down to the Seattle Chinese Garden, where the WACE ceremony was, I got a message. I start giggling a bit and then WHAM someone cuts us off and my dad goes into road rage mode. Haha, I never knew that he was capable of honking his horn like that before, I’m just glad that we’re all still safe. After the little incident and after we were on some safer roads, I told my parents the good news. I was called back for an interview with TedxRedmond!
After attending last year’s event at Microsoft, I was super excited and wanted to help anyway I could, even if it was just ushering, in order to talk to some of the awesome guest speakers. But after Adora (hi!) posted the application for being on the TedxRedmond committee, I started to seriously thinking how I could help.

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly the most organized person in the world, but I’m working on changing that. I also think that my enthusiasm for education and spreading learning is pretty important. And plus, getting to meet these awesome peoples…. Too cool.

Oddly enough, I was confronted with a similar situation when Milly asked me about why I was applying for Teens In Public Service. He noticed, rather accurately I would say, that I seem to be more the kind of person who enjoys working with the larger problems in perhaps math or science, not exactly the kind of person who would be so devoted to community service. But the thing is, while I don’t care so much for manual labor or tedious jobs, I do feel very passionately for providing everyone with education, and the desire to learn.
I was born into an extraordinary environment where learning was not only available but also popular and accessible to everybody, or at least those who want to.
Not everybody has that opportunity, and even if they do, not everybody has that want, that thirst for knowledge.
Even hough I don’t know what is able to properly stimulate someone to want to go out and pursue knowledge, I sure know that if I can and in my free time, I sure want to do all to help. That intent started with SUM-X, extended through AWANA and now for TIPS and RPi. Hopefully I will be able to also assist with TedxRedmond and open even more eyes!

I think the interview went pretty well. Seeing Maya again after only chatting with her online, and seeing Adora after that one Bear Creek cx match was pretty fun :D
Just realized that she just saw my cx partner before me… Haha…
That las question about the shrunken man in a blender,,,, pretty interesting question.

On the topic of education; I recently had a really interesting conversation with a virtual stranger, connected only through love of homestuck, about how the education standards ought to be reformed (LD topic, anyone?) and what that would look like. Honestly, I know that we have many different ideas about how the future should look, but one thing is the same: we all agree that we need to change he present. If you look at even our school, which the Washington Post recently ranked as #1 in the state and #43 overall, we still have tons of glaring problems. Enthusiasm is still relatively low, and inter-grade cooperation can use a boost as well. We need to change something and keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on swimming …(I’m excited for Finding Dory)

So yeah. That turned out a weeee bit longer than I expected, but I guess for a word vomit this was a lot better than expected!!

oh yeah… On a more realistic note, continue to pray/wish/send good feelings towards the victims of the Boston events. We will recover and emerge as a better nation, but we will also properly mourned those who have lost their lives in the process.

WACE Essay

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend

  1. Whoa, the prom sounds so cool!

  2. So much more productive than my weekend :P

    Good luck with Ted :)

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