Broken Chalkboards

(Why chalkboards and not the current, quintessential whiteboard? I’m not sure; I think it has something to do with this odd love affair with nostalgia. )

Our schools are broken.

Even if you see the gleaming white city upon a hill, backed by wonderful and miraculous test scores and graduation rates, you still have to admit.

Our schools are broken.

And I don’t mean just a small crack in the soft exterior, or a clean break through a noncritical component. I mean a real mess of mistakes, spiderwebbing throughout the very foundation of education as we know today.

There are so many things wrong with our school that I’m not sure where to start, but in all hopes of full disclosure, I’ll try to just “start from the beginning, and keep going until [I] reach the end.”

Divided into parts because it became too long to handle. Hopefully I’ll have all of these thoughts onto paper before I die on May 1st.

Part 1: Tests.

Part 2: Rant.

Part 3: What Next?

Part 4: Teaching

Part 5: Score Shaming

Part 6: Get Smart

Part 7: Gift. Ed.

Standardized Tests

{Part 1 of a series on Broken Chalkboards}

The school system of test taking is messed up.

Now I’m not saying that just because I have 6 AP’s breathing down my neck. I mean that in the sense that our very belief in education, based on the merit of standardized tests, is becoming more and more flawed, if not outright delusional.

State standard tests, such as the Washington WASL/EOC or whatever odd name they are giving it now, or even the TCAPs, the CATs, or even the Regents, are all flawed. (full list here) there have been so much raw corruption in the making of these tests, not to mention the other poor strategies about the administration of the tests.

And you know about the tests original goals, to get students at a level of proficiency? Well, that isn’t happening much any more.

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