Anti Anti-Nuclear

Fear of the unknown is quite a large motivator in our lives. If the fear is derived from an unknown cause, then that cause will likely be abandoned, shut down, and just shunned by all who tout the negative effects even if there is much research to have been done.

It is like our childhood fixation on the horrors of the dark.

Are YOU afraid of the dark today?

As a kid, one does not simply wake up in the night to stare into the blankness of the ceiling above, or just go for a walk as the bright globe of life and light heads into the twilight zone. The dark seemed to be a thing to be feared, and rightfully so! for our imaginations have already revealed to us the monsters, the dangers, and the utmost terror that not only lies within the dark, but *is* a fundamental part of the dark.

A child would not be able to comprehend the peacefulness that is only obtainable through the cover of the night, nor the silent pleasures that arise from quiet meditation. A child would only see the harsh darkness as something that should be fought at all costs, even sacrificing money and time to see it gone. A child, or at least most children, could not lead fully happy lives knowing that darkness, and the scary monsters and sprites that it brought, would be back to haunt them at night.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are all children, cowering in fear of something just as misunderstood and just as feared for no true reason.

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