On Being Appreciated

Strangers do not seem to come up to me to thank me about my daily course of action. Even regulars usually don’t notice my general behavior. That makes it so much more meaningful when there is recognition; recognition not for something that you have actively done, but for something that you do everyday with a sense of duty.

In our lives, we (hopefully) do lots of wonderful tasks that bring us closer to recognition. Whether it is saying something witty on Facebook, or holding the door for someone else, it feels good to be recognized by others, to hear a small “thank you” being whispered. But when I catch myself thanking others for these deeds, I wonder: Am I really thanking them for this, or am I just doing the correct social thing to do? And that simple thought has the power to see through the hallowness that we interact with others.

But when somebody notices something that you have been doing privately, or just some small tasks that you have been doing your best to help out with, that is when you know that you are being appreciated. There is no social standard for such behavior; it must be something spontaneous and something from the heart. These small appreciations, of just your general attitude, or just your manner towards others, can be comforting in a way when so many other responses seem superfluous.

I encourage everyone to have better sense perception, or just make a concious act to notice what others are doing. Instead of putting yourself at the center of the universe, consider the viewpoints of others and the sacrifices that they might have made for you, or even sacrifices that they might have made for others. Perhaps instead of mindlessly saying a simple phrase that society has conditioned us to do, Kant’s ideas of how the intent determines the morality of an action isn’t so far off in application here; perhaps the same monotonous sounds escape your loryx?, but by putting your heart into it, your soul will shine through just a little more, and perhaps another person’s day could be made a little bit brighter.

And that makes all the difference.

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