Wonderful Day

Wow. That was quite a Memorial Day. What a wonderful day, one that could really just brighten up the whole week.

Going through every detail is a pointless exercise, serving no great purpose, but I think I’ll try to highlight some of the moments that built this day.

Technically, as the day does begin at midnight, I suppose the 6 hour marathon of anime should be included in today’s events. Wow, PMMM really is a great dark story. I suppose that all of us desire for our feelings to be aroused, to feel the heartache and pain that a great story could bring to our minds. However much we might sometimes deny our feelings, I think it’s still critical to our mental well being to blow them into a larger than life scale. Yes, it is better to have a real life experience than to have a virtual one, but the suspended reality that a story brings can expand our minds to regions where we never would have dreamt. Books, or to be more accurate, the culture of storytelling, is something that makes us unique. We are not limited to this one earthly life that we lead, but instead, have the power to jump into the minds of others and grasp a new perspective. To have such a wealth of possibilities, and to have so many lives to live, how could we ever be bored?

After “sleeping” I woke up to the sounds of a vacuum going on an on, so I dragged myself up to help. Say what you will of manual labor, but I think that sometimes we have to really do something with our hands. It really just isn’t enough to do only virtual tasks, sometimes knowing that you are able to actually actively do something with your hands really makes you satisfied.

I spent a lot of time cleaning up the pig pen that I call my office, organizing all of the mess that AP season has brought upon my desk. With review books scattered everywhere and enough practice tests to kill three trees, organizing it all clarifies everything, both in real life as well as in my mind. I am oriented to work in a clean environment, even though the state of my room does tend towards a state of greater entropy and disorder. Using some of my *precious* energy to clean it all up was definitely worth the time. Being organized helps to see the future better, as well as being able to reflect on the past more clearly.

Dad returned home today. He’s been gone for a good month and a half now working in China for a business trip. Through his absence, or for that matter, the absence of any family member, it make you consider how great an influence they are in your lives. You don’t realize how much you care for something or someone until after they are gone, so I suppose a bit of absence keeps the heart wanting more. In any case, it was great to greet him and see him back. I see more and more of him in me these days, as well as more of me in him.
oh yeah he also brought back some awesome loot and I have my first oversized hoodie! ohmygosh best thing ever. SOOOOO BIIIIGGGG. SOOO COMFY. And a ton of pens n stuff from the conference that he presented at. Companies really know how to customize pens in a million different ways.

Learning is good too. In a relaxed environment, where you’re working on independent projects that aren’t under right scrutiny, it’s really a blessing to just learn. To research whatever you want, and knowing that it is good for you too. Just learning for the sake of learning, while also satisfying some arbitrary benchmarks that you have made in the back of your head. Man, having so many cool ideas right now. Just really hoping that they’ll work out.

Being social is something that everyone out there should already understand.

To wrap up the day, I watched Les Miz with my family. It was the first time in a long time that we all say down like this and relaxed. Well, I say relaxed with pause, as showing a confusing English musical to two parents whose native languages are Chinese and two grandparents who don’t understand a word of English is not the best environment to relax in. However, it is an wonderful environment to bond in and to share in. To talk and joke during the movie, to explain and to connect.
also somehow during the movie I baked a cake so now I have a cake too. also cake ft. jake got stuck in my head again. Which is a good thing!

So that was my day. And the cool thing about this day is that it isn’t a kind of day that you would look back on and think, man, that isn’t going to happen again. Instead, it’s one of those days that every day has the potential of being. In fact, with the right frame of mind, you can realize those small pleasures in every single day. You would find something worth living for in every action and every motion of every day.

And that’s what makes life so worth living.

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