Physics Pasta Party

[SO, sorry for not posting the promised Saturday Book Review. I’ve actually finished quite a couple a books and was going to write, but then… things got in the way. I’ll write it up by Monday!]

Okay, so first things first: today was a really awesome day, in all the ways that you would expect and in so many ways that you wouldn’t have. Like the last couple times that this happened, I’ll go through the day in chronological order, with several brief interruptions in between.

Woke up quite early for a summer Saturday, around 7:20 ish. But waking up at this time wasn’t for no reason at all, it was because the City of Redmond was having their Derby Days Parade today, and I would actually be in it. I’m helping out with TEDxRedmond this year, and we have a small spot in the parade, marching along, doing our thing while passing out flyers to the interested kids (and some not-so-interested parents). Even though I’ve admired TEDxRedmond for a while, and have been working with the Outreach team, I still am quite a stranger to the majority of the amazing people on the team.

Today’s morning walk around Redmond showed what a great group of people they are, and how focused they were on putting together the best conference. They were all enthusiastic and excited about the event, even though it meant waking up just as early on a summer morning. It was great shouting out these really awk chants and just parading around downtown Redmond with a Jazzercise truck behind us, blasting music as we grooved through the streets. Of course, being the only guy besides 10 other girls is a little bit awkward, but I guess I’m already sorta used to that from debate, and they were all pretty accepting. Looking forwards to working with them more!

After the parade, the main event was setting up the Physics Pasta Party, an idea conceived while playing Mafia at the AP Institute. The gist of it is that the Physics HL students have a bit of summer homework, a small lab testing the strength of spaghetti noodles. Even though it is a simple lab, it is quite tedious, so I checked with my teacher if we could work together in groups, and after her approval, I started setting up a small work party, and then planned on making some yummy food afterwards.

Our food was *clearly* much better than this picture.

It was nice seeing my friends again, even though we have only been out of school for a couple of weeks. Just getting together, making a huge mess in the backyard (i’m looking at you gautham), and working together to solve a simple physics problem. It was relaxing, and a fun time for all, I hope. Not to mention, some of my friends are pretty awesome cooks, and we ate our fill of pasta and soda.

Of course, the 4 hours of vacuuming, cleaning, laundry and dish washing afterwards were tiring, but I suppose there is a price to be paid for happiness!

A bit of a side note on this entire aspect: I generally see myself as an introvert more than an extrovert, which throws the events that I was just talking about in a slightly different light. First of all, this kind of identity is a bit confusing for many people around me, because usually I act as a bubbly, scientifically driven kid. I’m very enthusiastic about the things that I do, and want to let people see the things that I see. Yet, why do I classify myself as an introvert? Shouldn’t introverts more or less reject this kind of large group activity and favor, perhaps, a smaller group discussion or some other way of connecting?

First of all, just to make something clear: No matter what you classify as, whether it be introvert or extrovert, most people still want some company. By the Jungian definition, I/E usually depends on where you get your energy from, whether if it is others around you or if you make your own energy. However, that still means that we can use our energy to find some good social moods!

I typically am mistaken for an extrovert in part because I have developed rather good, if I should say so myself, coping mechanisms. I am able to pass off as a decently amiable, non-hostile character who is eager to help out. I’ve practiced how to act, how to behave, but honestly deep down, I enjoy the silence and being with myself. I like having time to recharge, and even though I rush into many many activities, it is due to a large part of another characteristic that pushes myself to a challenge, not necessarily towards human interaction.

Another peculiarity that I seem to have is that while extroverts get energy from others and introverts make their own, I seem to produce my own energy, but am able to create more when I help make others happy. If that makes any sense at all. So even though helping others takes away from my own pool, it is worth it because it just satisfies somewhere deep inside me.

Of course, I don’t believe that these are set in stone; of course, people’s attitude can easily change over the years as easily as your daily wardrobe. We ultimately choose who we are, meaning that new directions are always open.

Wow. That was quite off topic. Imma gonna sleep now, but not without leaving with this little comic, enjoy!

One thought on “Physics Pasta Party

  1. LOL you were the one who started the cornstarch throwing XP

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