Future Science [Review]

It is books like these that sorta makes me want to give up on being an actual scientist and just read. But then I think about what amazing innovations these people have come up with, and I’m filled with energy to keep on researching.

Future Science is a collection of essays from some of the brightest, and youngest, minds in science. These more or less conversational pieces are short enough to be read by people with any kind of attention span, and are fascinating enough to captivate imaginations for much longer. This isn’t your typical textbook material; this is the cutting edge of science. There is certainly doubt in some of these pieces, as research has not been fully completed, but overpowering that doubt is the willingness to discover more. After all, it is only when we look into the darkness can we appreciate how much more can we know.

One of my favorites in the selection was the emotions and physical pain one. Never before have I heard that Asprin can *actually* heal a broken heart! There is just so much interesting ideas in this book that would fascinate anybody who picks it up.

Also, there is a surprisingly large amount of interscience banter, with physicsists dissing biologists and just friendly talk all around. Honestly, this was an amazing book just to get thinking about ideas, and I would very much recommend it to anyone who is interested about the world around us.

Backlink: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/631609313

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