These Four Walls

Standing mighty and tall
guardians of our thoughts
and keeper of our dreams
these walls know and see all.

Safe in their warm embrace,
protected from roaring winds,
bitter rains that threaten
to change our hearts of grace.

Wrapped in the cacoon of our own minds,
comfy sitting where we are.
Not looking out the windows of our soul,
of the image that is our own kind.

For though these four walls keep us safe inside,
Can we ignore that which moans and hides?

Sealed off from reality,
rooted to where we stand
not another glance towards
all of that brutality.

So we sit. And eat. And laugh,
and play, and dance, and celebrate
and rejoice and explode and shout
stomp exterminate debate sing
and ignore! all that is not
in these four walls.

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