Summer Adventures

One of the few reasons why I actually like summer is this:
We came home to a sweltering hot home; myself from a conference in Seattle and my parents from a company picnic. And then, in a completely spur of the moment type deal, we decide that we want to go out and watch some whales.

I guess in some senses, this represents the overall shift in out family. How we have progressed from needing to plan out every single moment of every single route to being able to travel on nothing but the fuel in our cars and the whims of out hearts.

As if we couldn’t have been any more stereotypical, we were literally chasing the sun as it set in the great Pacific Ocean. Speeding across the state routes, we ran towards the beach just to see the last glimmers fade across the majestic island mountains. But oh, what a scene! For even as the sun set, the kaleidoscope of colors persisted, painting the horizon with a scattering of the rainbow. As the smoke from the fire pits wafted towards our car even as we were headings off, I could only imagine what the next day of adventure could possibly take us.

[note: there is so much for me to write about, but so little time to do so! I’ll be posting quite often this following week, and the book review will be in by tomorrow evening]

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