A Sleepy Brain


I woke up around 7:45 this morning, just lying in my bed becoming more aware of the breeze and the covers that have seemingly magically appeared over me during the night. As I snuggled and resisted the urge to wake up, I started thinking about the day ahead of me.

And then, as most people should know of, I started having these wild and crazy dreams. You know, the ones where I would actually be productive and finish that statistics course instead of only talking about it. You know, those plans on waking up and just jogging in the neighborhood for an hour. Those plans of cleaning the house, of making something good to eat.

But, like most people should again be familiar with, as soon as I wake up those ambitions seem to just vaporize.


My personal theory is that it is so much easier to consume than to produce.


Let me backtrack and explain: Often, when you are in bed, you imagine yourself doing something interesting, something that would bring satisfaction to yourselves. That is because, when you are lying in a small four-posted bed staring at your own eyelids, there is not much that you can do. There is not television to watch or games to play, assuming that you didn’t sneak your 3DS into bed and is playing Pokemon X/Y until you literally pass out. You don’t have a choice but to reflect, and when we reflect, we sometimes find those better human qualities of wanting to be more, of accomplishing something.

But when we wake, we once again find ourselves in a land where it is so much easier to be eating fast food than cooking for ourselves, to listen to pop music instead of practicing our own, to play mass-market video games instead of imagining worlds of our own.

This is not true “laziness”, but is more like a short attention span. Often, I sit down to write and find myself distracted by no more than the tools in Microsoft Word (another great reason to switch to Notepad++!) It seems easy for we puny humans to be distracted by anything that glitters and moves.

Perhaps this is an evolutionary instinct, that those hunters who were most impulsive were able to catch the most animals and survive better than those contemplative fools who sit around and slowly starve to death. Nature seems to have taught us that we should seek a quick pleasure, because who knows when we’ll be able to encounter it again?

It is similar to the situation with obesity: Our taste buds are tuned to high sodium, high fat contents because once upon a time, those were desired traits. Food was scarce, and so if we were able to, we should stuff ourselves in preparation of the the lean times. But while our environment has changed, these animalistic desires have not.

So what could we do, to help out a sleepy contemplative brain instead of our animalistic desires? It isn’t enough to just go around and remove those desires altogether. Even though some people seem to think that the only way to be efficient is to just not be able to access fun things, I stick with the theory of moderation. No matter what something is, a moderate amount of it will be okay, and it is up to our own willpowers to control that.

Willpower is a tough thing, fickle in so many aspects. But to be tempted and still be able to resist is what makes a person strong.

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