The Little Things

Already, as the first week of school barely winds to an end, I’m starting to feel worn out with the sheer amount of stuffs to do. And honestly, it is getting a bit ridiculous for me.

But often, when you’re facing these kinds of insurmountable problems, the tiniest glimmer of hope or the faintest of sweet memories could help you hold on an persevere!

Often for me, when I’m doing something particularly unpleasant or mind numbing or just tedious, I him the same few bars of a song, and then start making up lyrics or just keeping those interesting thoughts in my head. Other times, I replay scenes and make small edits, creating worlds of possibilities where I sorta live for a while.

But one of the problems is that I have a ridiculously poor memory, and in order for it to work, I need a little bank of good memories to build on. I absolutely know that I have tons of those sparkling moments, but…they seem to quickly fade from my forest of memory.

That is why I am planning on journaling a little book, aptly titled “The Little Things”(named after this nice little song), to more or less review when I’m feeling down. Maybe looking back, I could find a happy moment and jolt me out of the temporary fugue state I’m in.

As an added bonus, writing this stuff down also helps me accentuate the positive in a way, so that my brain doesn’t only dwell on the impossibilities and misconceptions, but on the realities that are in front of my nose!

I originally contemplated making a neat little twitter feed out of it, but then I backtracked and thought, how about no. One of the problems that I sometimes deal with already is social media, and to some extent, my ego. Adding on to it, no matter how beneficial it might be, just plainly seems counterintuitive. So I dug out my nice trusty notebook, and started writing.

I think that it would be a good way to wind down before sleeping, although there are some big problems with that statement as it implies that I actually sleep. Still, the purpose of being a nice cool down and contemplation time for the day seems magically poetic to myself in this current state of mind.

Anyone else have good ideas of how they keep themselves same when it feels like their world is crashing down? Please share!

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