Give It Your All

Geez, isn’t my generation such an indecisive generation?

Isn’t it, like, so weird to talk in a colloquial manner?

Okay, maybe I can’t mock this guys satire. He truly is quite genius, and he voiced his opinion remarkably articulately. But, like, could I maybe, like, give um, a counterargument-thing?

It’s my belief that this millennial generation is distinctively different from previous generations in that we are considerably more connected with each other than ever before. Instead of only being around a small group of friends or at most, the community where you live, my generation has complete, unfiltered access to every single corner of the world. A couple clicks will bring you to the tragedies in the Middle East, the social movements of sub-Saharan Africa, and the blatant discrimination that still exists in the world today.

When you’re living in such a world, it is very easy to find opinions that are radically different from your own.

When you’re living in such a world, it is very easy to be very mistaken.

You may call it cowardice or a poor habit that our generation has a small lilt in our voice, but that is not true! From what I can see, we are more concerned with getting an opinion that is well researched or at least well developed, rather than blurting out whatever thoughts are at the top of our head. It is not a fear of being laughed at, but a fear of regret in the future that we try to restrain ourselves.

So give it your all. Give all that you have to thinking and voicing your opinions. Make your voice loud and proud; stand up for what you believe in! But perhaps, could you, like, maybe give it some thought to your, umm, idea first or something?