Radio Silence

Every week, right around 7pm, the messages would start dinging in.

Almost without fail, a million lost souls drowning in homework would reach out for a little bit of advice or comfort. Perhaps just to clarify a point. Or maybe to just chat a little.

But where there was usually a patient little boy eager to help, tonight there was only radio silence, that staticky noise of people screaming into the void.

Where do people go when their helper is missing?

Where do helpers go for help?

This weekend has just been crushing for me, in terms of stress and work. I feel like I need to see a chiropractor! And yet, even being completely drained of energy, I still felt pain and regret when denying help. I just couldn’t face people!

Sometimes I get into a mood of generally crumminess and begin sulking. Luckily, they pass quickly. With an extra hour of sleep by my side and some preemptive homework done, hopefully the next week will be more enjoyable!