Bad Days

What really makes a good day different from a bad one?

Noone just breezes through life without troubles; everyone eventually have a couple of days when they are feeling down for one reason or another. But what separates someone who seems to have lots of good days from someone who just always seems down under the weather?

For a very long time, I always believed that having good days was truly influenced by waking up on the right side of the bed. Not literally, of course, although there was a period in the fourth grade where I was so adamant about the “right” side of the bed that I got my parents to push the left side against the wall! But I digress. For a long time, I always believed in external forces that shaped out days. Weather outside is good? Check. Birds tweeting, but not so loud as to wake you up to early? Check. Get some praise in school and some happy conversations in school? Congratulations, you’ve just had a picture perfect day!

But as I matured and began to see the world in different ways, I realized that some of the days were I struggled most in just carrying out life were the most joyous, and that other days, no matter how much good news was revealed through that day, would still feel like complete crap.

The truth is, there is no one external factor that can force you to have a terrible day. I think, more now than ever, that its all in your mind, that if you are able to concentrate on seeing a positive future ahead of you, then you’ll just be able to enjoy life a little bit more.

Note: maybe there is one thing that is crucial to good days….having not enough sleep can really mess you up. On that note, good night!