Instant Gratification

I’ve inherited a certain trait from my mom, one that I swore would never reveal itself. I despised it when I saw it in my mom, when I saw my dad get pulled in along with it.

I am addicted to Korean Dramas.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that though. It’s not the cute characters, the remarkable writing, the humorous awkwardness, or the amazing back story that I’m addicted to. At least not to a large extent.

It’s all about finding closure.

I, like my parents before me, tend to go on these reading or watching binges, where as soon as I pick up an interesting task, I just can’t help myself but to learn more, to resolve the plot, to understand the conflict, to unlock that high score. It’s why Wikipedia is the laser pointer to my kitty claws. It’s why  I don’t put down a book until both covers are tear stained.

It’s why I kill my sleeping habits watching Kdramas late into the night.

But to be honest, this isn’t something that’s developed overnight, or even some kind of genetic thing that’s happened in my oddly dysfunctional family. Instead, I’m seeing this all around me, in the form of instant gratification.

My generation adores this kind of instant feedback. Being children of the internet, everything can be made to be instant. Minigames are growing in popularity, where a constant stream of positive reinforcement flows at all times. From instant messaging to instant noodles, everything is about getting feedback immediately.

The problem in all of this is that we don’t know how to survive without a sea of praises. Removed from these, let’s face it, constant distractions, we slowly drift away and become more lost.

Instant gratification is like instant karma. We want to know everything without restrictions, but that means that we don’t get to appreciate them for as long, and often aren’t able to enjoy some of the smaller pleasures. The more we hit that pleasure button in our brain, the less effective it becomes!

Maybe taking forced breaks in between having fun is necessary. But not right now. I’m just about to find out about this huge back story and I just *can’t wait* another second.

(shoutout to I Hear Your Voice for being an amazing kdrama!)