Happy Cake Day!

Thank you, kind wordpress, for reminding me that today is my third anniversary with this blog! It makes me feel rather old; if this blog was a child it is just now starting to be a toddler. Also, if this blog was a child, I would have long been arrested by the Department of Health and Human Services for child abuse.

I’m not always the best author, nor do I truly keep updated in the blogosphere. I’m not one to self promote much and definitely not one to keep a weekly posting schedule (ha!) And yet, against all the odds, this little blog has survived!

Now, in order for that to make sense, you must understand how many failed experiments I’ve had. When I first started my tumblr, long since rejected by now, my first words were “hope this blog doesn’t die, like the last 5 did.” Taking into account that there were three more alternative blogs between now and then, I’d dare say that this one is looking mighty fine.

Although it wasn’t always this way…


Yep. Look at those rows of zeros and weep.

But in a more serious fashion, I think that I learned a considerable amount about myself through blogging. As a child, I would always be fascinated in reading those exciting fantasy stories and wishing that one day, I would also live a life of magic and ease. My very oldest posts, back when I was discovering the pleasure of putting words on the internet, consisted mostly of particularly riveting thoughts in my head, all made up! But as I’ve grown, I hope that I’ve been able to keep that excitement, while also translating it to a deeper appreciation for that which is around me. I want to debate ideas, inspire people, do so much more that I know I am capable of!

I’m not exactly sure if my writing has ever been useful, but these quiet places to share thoughts is why I love the internet. While there are trolls hiding in the seedy alleys, there are also millions of minds, trying to find their own niche in the world and documenting their journey. I hope that mine is an interesting one to follow!

(Also, for this special day, I’m going to also publish a rather old post, written back in September, titled “Why I Blog”. Enjoy!


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