Why I Blog

If you actually follow my blog regularly, or maybe have just read some of my posts, you should by now be able to get a general sense of my style and tone. And maybe you’re wondering: why is this kid so enthusiastic and optimistic?

Well, most of you are probably thinking “ugh this kid is a wee bit annoying and writes too much”, but when I look at my works, it just feels… Almost like a painted smile? It often doesn’t feel really real, which is quite something considering I’m the one saying it.

Although I don’t know why others blog, I generally write as a way of remembering an interesting thought, or developing a little seed of an idea, or perhaps to shout at the void. But usually, I also write to escape reality for a short little while, to focus on a single point of interest rather than the problems I need to deal with.

So when people try to have their own little escapes, they can do one of two things: they can get all of their pent up emotions out, or yet can try to think happy thoughts and hope the problem goes away.

I tend to engage in the latter, and think overly optimistic thoughts. That’s why my blog sometimes reads like a hopeless utopia of ideas, lost in implementation.

Hopefully that sorta explains my tone of my pieces, and gives you a bit of insight into my mind!

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